David and John

Added:  May 25, 2017
David Foster hooked up with John Russell the day prior; and when John called David wanting to come over for sex, David told him to come on over. David; however, wanted to clean up before John arrived so he undressed and got into the shower. No sooner did David get in the shower than he heard the front door bell ring. He quickly shuts off the water, shakes out his hair, wraps a towel around himself and goes to answer the door. David and John have a glass of wine before heading over to the bed where David wastes no time getting John out of his clothes and his cock into his mouth. They take turns sucking each other huge dicks and then David buries his face in John’s ass; shoving his tongue deep into his hole. Priming complete, John kneels up behind David and shoves his long, bare cock into David’s ass. David pounds away at John’s ass relentlessly in multiple positions until he pulls out and squirts a thick load of jizz all over David’s ass cheeks. By this time, David is ready to blow. John wants his cum so; he lies down on the bed with David kneeling over him, squirting cum right down his throat and all over his lips.
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