Jared Kushman

Added:  Jul 12, 2017
Jared Kushman is a 23 year old recent college grad. He went to school on a wrestling scholarship which explains his incredibly built body. Jared slips out of his shirt, his deep sultry eyes staring straight into the camera, never loosing focus. He knows he’s hot and he knows how to work what he has. Jared begins posing; grabbing his semi-aroused cock thru his underwear and massaging his chest and nipples with the other hand. His cock is rock hard in no time and straining to get out of his shorts. Lying back on the chair Jared lets his thick cock out of its confines and begins jerking it; his balls flopping against the top of his underwear. He stands and continues jacking his cock. Kneeling on the bed, his puts his ass in the air, pointed directly at the camera. He grabs a pillow and starts humping; riding the pillow and continuing to flirt with the camera. Jared gets himself all worked up and he’s ready to blow. He rolls over on the bed continuing to jerk his cock and he starts squirting a thick load of jizz all over his chest and abs.
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